Apple iPad Air 2 Review

If you asked me to explain the new iPad in one word it would be fast. This tablet has one of the most powerful arm processors along with 2 gb of ram (thank you) and updated cameras and screen as well as the ubiquitous design and thinness Apple is known for.

The front camera has been updated with the iPhone 6 camera for those high-res selfies and video calls. The rear camera is the same 8 Mph sensor and very similar optics to the iPhone 5S. I have nothing against tablet photographers and some apps like coaches eye and word lens take advantage of this new camera for some cool new uses of Apple’s new slate. The iPad also gets the burst mode for action shots as well as slo mo and lime lapse which work well.

The screen on the new iPad is great. It isn’t the most high res tablet in the market but still is one of the best. It is laminated which means everything looks closer to your face when using the tablet. The glass also has an anti reflective coating which does reduce glare pretty well. The color accurate and viewing angles are very good as expected with iPads.

Other features like Touch ID make purchasing apps and unlocking the device much easier but I wish I could set up multiple users and have each user sign in with their fingerprint. Also, I think Apple should take better advantage of the larger screen instead of just enlarging the iPhone UI. Another thing worth mentioning is battery life. Now, I know Apple could have made a beast of a tablet for battery life if they kept last years thickness and added the more power efficient a8x but at least you can still count on this iPad lasting an entire day of heavy use. It is late in the day as I am typing this and I am sitting at 45 percent and I have been using is a lot and the brightness has been up quite a bit the whole day.

The iPad Air 2 is a great tablet with a few missed opportunities for it to be even better. The iPad’s high end specs combined with the wealth of tablet optimized apps in the App Store make this one of the best tablets on the market.


About Hyper54

I make tech reviews, tutorials and comparisons for my YouTube channel, SamScottTV. I have also made song parodies, spoofs and comedic videos in the past.

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